What You Need To Know About Classic Gold Wedding Bands?

There is nothing more classic than gold wedding bands when you are eager to take on the role of a traditional bride. Gold has been the cherished metal for centuries, and brides did not have to look further than a beautiful gold band to adorn their ring finger or complete their wedding set. Sure, the classic band is quite simple, but you will find it in various shapes and sizes at present. You can always recall seeing the lucky couple exchange vows and wedding bands/rings simultaneously in front of the Holy Priest. Even individuals who do not follow the Christian faith have chosen to slip a conventional gold wedding band into their ring finger.

The beautiful gold wedding bands were mass-produced during the Victorian era, and every household hoped to save enough money to buy a simple wedding band crafted out of gold, deemed to be the purest of all metals. While wedding bands and engagement rings became a symbol of marriage, the lower half of the society found solace in 9 to 10 K gold. The metal was far from pure and would tarnish with time, but it glimmered on the wedding day, making the couple and their families exceedingly happy.

Why do you want a gold band?

The plain gold band is similar to that little black dress. It can pair with anything and everything. It makes sense to slip on the gold wedding band when traveling. You may also choose to wear it with an unconventional engagement ring containing one of the softer gemstones. Furthermore, you will find it included in almost all wedding sets with the gold band regarded as a staple.

You have to be careful about the quality of gold when you want to wear a vintage ring. Wearing it daily; is likely to wear out the gold, and you must insist on having a wider band made out of gold. Thin bands may look graceful, but there is always the fear of the metal breaking down when you observe pitting within the band.

How to choose gold wedding bands?

Purity- The European market favors 18K gold for jewelry, including plain band, whereas the Americans are satisfied with 14K. The former is richer in hue and contains more gold. The Asian countries that value their gold jewelry remain focused on 22K, or 24K gold. However, the purer the gold is, the more brittle it becomes. Jewelers are unable to create intricate shapes when the gold is of unusually high quality. It may be a good idea to go for 14K, or 18K when you intend to wear it all the time.

Durability- When wearing a band, it is significant to choose a solid one. It increases the durability of the jewelry and is sure to last a lifetime if you are careful about maintaining it properly. Check the band meticulously and avoid buying a hollow band. It is definite to be a little inexpensive in comparison.

Gold wedding bands are versatile, and you are sure of getting a good one within your budget.

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